Astrid*Stars: July 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Communication is Key

Did you ever try to make the string and cups telephone when you were little? I think I did this at least once with friends but I think we messed them up and gave up. Sometimes teachers would also have this as a teaching tool when teaching how the phone was invented. But now that I think about it I believe it taught us a much more important lesson than how the process of communication works and how the telephone was first thought up as. I think it was also meant to teach us just how important communicating with one another is no matter what the relationship between you and the other person is; whether you are mother and daughter, father and son, friends or peers, grandparent to grandchild, boyfriend and girlfriend...well I think you get the idea. Yesterday I was reminded just how essential it is to have open and honest communication with one another  when I received a call from my boyfriend. We have recently talked about seriously considering moving in together and we realized we hadn't come clean about our fears of doing so. While it is very thrilling and exciting to think of waking and falling asleep under the same roof everyday, with only ourselves to implement house rules, it is also a daunting thing to consider. For one we are MOVING IN TOGETHER and that is huge in itself, now add to that that we are both still living with our parents, it will also be our very first apartment PERIOD! So while fears may come off as doubt at first, it is perfectly normal to be shaking in your boots when you take away the fun and put down the steps on how to achieve what we have not set as our goal. He confessed he felt that question of "What if it's too soon?" nudging at the back of his mind and I confessed that I'm also scared of how things will actually play out and if I could still have my own independent plans I had set way before I met him. That being said, we both agreed to take things one at a time and focus on what we can control such as laying down a budget and making a list of what we truly need, not the stuff that would just be extra if available. It is better to keep the communication process than to keep quiet until we have already settled on a place and then decide to back out. It would be unfair to both of us. So remember, don't be afraid that you might be a joykill just because you decide to voice your opinions/ feelings. It might be worst if you don't. 

And with that said, I'll sign off.
Communicating from a Starbucks window,

(P.S. Communicate with your comments :) )

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Review: Crunch

So about a month ago I posted a blog on how I am deciding to become healthier and more active. I also said that I will be trying many gyms and starting out with Crunch. Well I have gone to Crunch and that's were my exploration ended....but it's not because I got lazy (as it may appear I have gotten with this blog, BUT I am working on that *pinky promise). It is because I fell in love with it muscle over burn LOL. So far I have gone an average of at least once a week because I get busy with work and school and sleep deprivation, but I try my best to go at least that one day a week to become more grateful toward myself. Believe it or not, it is the best way I could pamper myself. So far I have gone to the Antigravity Yoga (Wings) class and I LOVED IT!!!!!!! I have never done Yoga before period, so I was a little anxious about this class but I happened to have gone that day, so I said JUST GO FOR IT! And I am soooo happy I did! It was intense and I everything was sore the next day, but it was also relaxing and made me feel relaxed on soooo many levels. They have a lot of fun classes and this class was proof of it. You seriously felt like a kid swinging on those fabric swings and hanging upside down. I also happened to see Shenae Grimes that day LOL. But the point is I love this gym and I feel sooo much better about myself just by investing some time towards my health and body. I still have to work on my nutrition though which I feel needs much improvement. It is not that I constantly eat fast food, but I know that I could cut it down much more and eat more veggies. I have decided to actually write it down now and start experimenting with recipes, although I may have to wait two weeks once summer school ends so I know I have time to make my meals and more time to experiment with yummy foods. Also I think running from school to work makes me much more prone to buying a sandwich or just munching on whatever I can find and those foods are not always the best choice in terms of healthy. Now on another note, I want to start back on my goal to make my Youtube beauty videos, so any of you who read this don't be afraid to comment on what looks you would like me to do. I will also start playing more with polyvore, which I have become quite into in the past like week or so. Again, I will work on blogging and vlogging keep tuned!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Beach Pretty

Beach Pretty

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